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Pamela has successfully coached over 1000 individuals through businesses and organizations demonstrating her powerful wellness protocol that addresses pain, stress and fatigue, and self-care tools that increase energy, focus, productivity and overall wellness.  She has been a presenter at wellness retreats, conducted trainings via a variety of digital platforms and enjoys helping participants employ sustainable lifestyle modifications and create a positive mindset so they can successfully achieve their personal and professional wellness goals.  She is a Master Certified Health Coach, an Accredited NCBTMB Provider and holds a Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her 15 years of experience in the wellness industry has been synthesized into easy, actionable practices that change energy levels in the body and mind quickly and effectively.  


Corporate wellness to increase employee satisfaction.
Mind/body wellness
Wellness newsletters for the workplace

                          SERVICES PRESENTED

  • Group and Individual Coaching provides tools to manage wellness and professional goals through focused exercises, goal setting, creating healthy habits and motivational techniques that create opportunities for growth personally and professionally.

  • Pamela's AMT Method teaches exercises for the upper body that help produce immediate focus and productivity, while alleviating neck, hand and shoulder pain.  Participants report feeling reduced stress and anxiety, as well as a heightened mood and sense of well-being. 

  • Mind/Body Coaching brings awareness to the connection that exists between thought and action, as well as how both impact the physical status of ones health.  Eastern education in both medicine and meditation allow individuals to experience the relationship between the different aspects of our health through group and individual guided sessions.

  • Wellness Newsletter and Content to educate, inspire and address the common challenges employees and employers face in the workplace such as stress, fatigue, back and neck pain, anxiety and lack of motivation.  Self-care techniques, ergonomic adjustments, stretching and work/life balance are some of the topics that will be tackled.

 Pamela Wake